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What are the Benefits of Rudrabhishek Puja?

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As we all know, Rudra is one of the names of Lord Shiva. In rudra abhishek puja we need to worship the rudra avtar of lord shiva. Let’s understand in detail what is rudrabhishek puja, what are the types of this puja and what benefits we get as a result of this puja.

What is Rudrabhishek Puja?

To propitiate rudra avtar of lord Shiva by performing one of the most famous Vedic Hindu rituals is popularly known as Rudrabhishek Puja. In this puja, worshippers also chant 108 names of lord shiva. Though this puja can be performed at any shiva temple, but it has special importance if it is performed at the major shiva lingas like Ujjain, Nasik, Somnath and Rameshwaram.

Types of Abhishek?

Devotees believed that doing special puja like Rudrabhishek is more beneficial as compared to regular or ordinary puja. There are 6 types of abhishek performed in this puja. Let’s get into it one by one.

  1. Jal Abhishek

As per ancient holy books, if water is anointed on lord shiva, he fulfils all the desires of the devotee and also gives good prosperity. That is why so many devotees perform this ritual on a daily basis.

  1. Ghee Abhishek

In this ghee is anointed on lord shiva. It is believed that with ghee abhishek lord shiva protects his devotees from illness and physical problems.

  1. Dudh (Milk) Abhishek

To pour milk on shivling is known as dudh abhishek. Many devotees believe that if any person pours milk on shivling and worship lord shiva, then he/she will get longevity as a reward.

  1. Dahi (Yoghourt) Abhishek

Just as dudh abhishek, dahi is to be poured on shivling in dahi abhishek. According to scripture any childless couple wants to have a child, they should do dahi abhishek.

  1. Shahad (Honey) Abhishek

To be free from all the misfortune and troubles of life, scripture says worship the shivling with honey. This worship of shivling with honey is called Shahad Abhishek.

  1. Panchamrit Abhishek

Panchamrit is made by blending 5 elements named curd, milk, honey, sugar and ghee. It is believed that if devotees worship shivling with this panchamrut, he/she will get wealth and prosperity.

Key Benefits of Rudrabhishek Puja?

If a person worships God with all his heart and mind, then God never sends his devotee back empty handed. In the same way, if Rudrabhishek is worshipped with a true mind, then Lord Shiva gives you many benefits. Get the ideas of benefits from Rudrabhishek puja in detail as below.

  • Protects from Evil effects

It is believed that if you perform Rudrabhishek puja, Lord Shiva protects you from all bad evils and enemies.

  • Protects from financial danger

It protects a person against the health related and financial risks. This is the most important benefit any devotee can ask for. It gives health and wealth both.

  • Provide Peaceful Daily Life

Recitation of Shri Rudram during religious ceremonies identifies 346 human desires. And can fulfil them to live a peaceful daily life.

  • Professional Success

Rudrabhishek ritual also helps in gaining prosperity in career and job.

  • Eliminates  Planetary doshas (Grah Dosh)

In addition, the most important and effective thing about this worship is, it serves as the ultimate remedy for many planetary faults.


Thus, we have tried to give you a full explanation about the Rudrabhishek puja, types of abhisheks and what are the benefits you will get as a result of performing this puja. Apart from that if you want more details regarding this and want to have Rudrabhishek puja in Ujjain, feel free to contact us anytime.


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