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What is Pitra Dosha Shanti Puja ?

Know all about Pitra Dosha Shanti Puja

Pitra Dosha Shanti Puja- When Surya and Rahu are located at the ninth house, it is believed that Pitra Dosha Yoga is being created. According to the shastra, in whichever house the Sun and Rahu both located, all the results of that house are destroyed. There is such a dosha in the horoscope of a person who has the ability to give all these sorrows together, this defect is known as Pitra Dosha.

The ninth house of the horoscope is called the house of religion, it is also the house of the father. If in any way the ninth house is afflicted by bad planets, it indicates that the wishes of the ancestors were left unfulfilled.

Types of Pitra Dosh Shanti Puja

If in any way the ninth house or the owner of the ninth house is afflicted by Rahu or Ketu, then it comes among the causes of hundred percent Pitra Dosha. This type of person always lives in some kind of tension, his education is not completed, he keeps on yearning for income.

Pitra Dosha Shanti Puja Procedure

What is the Method of Pitra Dosha Shanti Puja ?

According to the vedic Puranas, the Siddhanath Ghat (Siddhavat Temple) situated on the banks of the river Kshipra at Ujjain is the best for the Pitra Dosha Shanti Puja. Before any auspicious work is going to happen in your family, this puja is necessary for the blessings of ancestors.

Pitra Dosh Shanti Puja can be done at any time. There is no specific time or day fixed for this. but in Indian ancient Puran shraddha paksha is the best for performing Pitra puja.

Pind Daan is first step for the Pitra Dosh Shanti. In this process, 16 Pinds are made which are called Sukhpindi puja. After that Pitra Puja and Tarpan, Lord Vishnu Puja, Mahesh Puja, Bramha Puja, Yam Puja, than again Pitra Puja and Tarpan after that Panchsukta Path

Ujjain is best for Pitra Dosha Shanti Puja?

Know why ujjain is best place for Pitra Dosha Shanti Puja?

Ujjain has religious, mythological, and historical significance. The mention of Ujjain is found in many Puranas and Upanishads like Shiva Purana, Devi Purana, Ramayana, Shrimad Bhagvat Geeta, Mahabharata etc. Ujjain was known by many names like Ujjaini Avantika etc.

The main and famous of the 12 Jyotirlingas, Mahakaleshwar is in Ujjain. World Famous Temples like one of the 51 Shakti Peeth Maa Harsiddhi, Shri Kaal Bhairav, Maa Gadkalika, Shri Mangalnath, Shri Siddhanath are also located in Ujjain. Simhastha (Kumbh Mela) is held here once in 12 years.

Any puja or Anusthan can be done At any ghat on the banks of Maa Shipra river in Ujjain like Ramghat, Sidhnath Ghat, Mangalnath Ghat, Narsingh Ghat.

Cost of Pitra Dosh Shanti Puja

What is the actual cost of Pitra Dosha Shanti Puja in ujjain?

Most people have curiosity or question that what is the cost of Pitra Dosh Shanti Puja.
Actually, no cost is prescribed for Pitra Dosh Shanti Puja. Because Cost depends on which types of puja do you have to prefer. with Jaap or without Jaap, short puja, or complete puja, Group Puja, or Solo Puja, etc.
The end of the conclusion is that it all depends on your capacity, choice, and belief.

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