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What is Mangal Dosh? How to Reduce ill Effects of Mangal Dosh?

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Mangal means Mars and according to hindu shastra if a person is born with the combination in the birth chart where mars (mangal) is placed in the 2nd, 4th, 7th,8th or 12th house, then the person is having Mangal dosh or he/she can be called Manglik. 


“Mangal Dosh is also known as Bhom Dosh, Kuja Dosh or Angarakha Dosh.”


There are various effects of Mangal and that depends upon in which house Mars is situated. Let’s get an idea about the effects of Mangal Dosh before its remedies.


Effects of Mangal Dosh:


As we said earlier the effects of Mangal dosh totally depends upon Mar’s situation, in particular the house in your kundli.


1. When Mangal (Mars) is situated in 1st House:

Whenever the mangal is situated in the 1st house of the person’s kundli, it affects the spouse in the marriage. The 1st house of kundli represents the house of the spouse. So, if mangal is situated in the 1st house, there might be full chances of physical assault, and domestic violence. Due to such, a person sometimes suffers from tension, stress and might result in divorce as well.


2. When Mangal (Mars) is situated in 2nd House:

The 2nd house of the kundli represents the family life of a person. If mangal is situated in the 2nd house, it brings so much troubles in family life and along with that it creates conflicts in professional life too.


3. When Mangal (Mars) is situated in 4th House:

If the mangal is in the 4th house, it has a major effect on the person’s professional life. Such people switch jobs and their professional life would not succeed. These people always face financial troubles.


4. When Mangal (Mars) is situated in 7th House:

When mangal is in the 7th house, the person is highly irritable and ill tempered. As a result, a person is not able to maintain a healthy relationship with his/her family members. Not only that, but a person may have more than one partner in his/her life.


5. When Mangal (Mars) is situated in 8th House:

A person who is having mangal in their 8th house of kundli, they are very lazy and they will be so careless in handling finances and assets. Due to that in some cases, such people can lose their parental properties.


6. When Mangal (Mars) is situated in 12th House:

When Mangal is in the 12th house of your kundli, the person might have too many enemies. He or she has to bear financial losses as well as mental problems too.


So, these are some effects on the person who is having mangal(mars) in their kundli. Now we will understand what would be the remedies or how can one reduce the ill effects of Mangal


Ways to reduce the ill effects of Mangal Dosh


There are many ways to reduce the ill or adverse effects of mangal. Let’s get an idea of these remedies in detail.


1. Mangal Dosh Shanti Puja 

This is the one of the most followed remedies to reduce the effects of Mangal. As described in ancient books and Indian vedic astrology there are many types of puja for mangal dosh. Such as Kumbh vivah/Pipal vivah, Ark vivah, Angarak Dosha. For boys and girls there are different pujas to be performed.


2. Marriage between two Mangliks

Every manglik follows this remedy. It is said that if two mangliks get married to each other, ill effects of mangal get nullified and both the people can live a happy life together.


3. Have Fast

In this remedy, a person who is having mangal dosh should keep fast on Tuesdays of every week. He/she is suggested to have only split pigeon daal. It is believed that fasting is the most effective remedy.


4. Gemstone

Many mangliks wear a bright red coral stone in a golden ring. But this remedy must be followed after analysing the kundli chart by a trusted astrologer.


5. Chanting

Person having mangal dosh can chant mangal mantra or navagraha mantra every tuesday. Gayatri mantra for 108 times a day can also be a fruitful remedy to reduce the bad effects.



Puja Ujjain have defined what is mangal dosha, how it affects the person and what would be the remedies to live a better life along with mangal dosh. We hope you find this content helpful to you.

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