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Pandit Ankit Purohit

Being born in a Brahmin family, Pandit Ankit Ji was interested in puja and Vedic rituals since childhood. He decided to take deep education in puja. In the year 2007, Pandit Ankit Purohit Ji learned of Vedas and rituals for 5 years from Pujya Gurudev Shri Mukund Muni Ji Maharaj at Shri Vagayoga Chetana Peetham Bagli in village Bagli of Dewas city Madhya Pradesh. After that, he studied astrology and Sanskrit in Kashi Vishwanath for 3 years, as well as studied other types of Granths like Laghu Siddhanta, Kaumudi Raghuvansh, Mahakavya Amarkosh, etc.

Pandit Ankit Purohit is a well-known Pandit of Ujjain Madhya Pradesh. Pandit Ji is counted among the best pundits of India. He is the best knower of Indian Vedic Karmkand (rituals) and Puja Paddhati. Pandit Ankit Purohit is a well-known Pandit of Ujjain. Pandit Ji is counted among the best pundits of India. He possesses the best knowledge of Indian Vedic rituals and Yagya Karma.

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We have a team of well-qualified, highly experienced, and professional pandits.In our team scholar and degree holder Acharya, Shastri, Jyotish, and Vedpathi Brahmins are included. Authorized and certified pandits, Kalsarp Dosh Shanti Puja Specialists, Puja-Anusthan Professionals, Famous Astrologers are the pride of our team.

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Hassle Free

Devotee's convenience is our priority in our puja services. You don't need to buy anything. Different types of material are used in worship. In which many types of grains, dry fruits, god idols, photo frames, utensils, liquids, sweets, garland, and flowers, puja essentials, etc. All these are included in our puja services.

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Best Puja

We understand the right way of completing rituals and properly following the instructions of Hindu dharma. With us, you can have the confidence of being absolutely flawless while participating in intense exercises. Our aim is to help you and your family achieve harmony, success, and good luck through sincere puja.

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If you have any curiosity or any questions related to astrology or pujan. So you can get a free consultation by calling or via WhatsApp.

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